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Little FlowerSchool, Churu

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" Our Mission is to provide integral development through diversified educational programs which will produce literate, responsible, caring and ethical citizens who are capable of adapting to changes."

Manager's Message »

    • Fr. Ezholickal Suneesh CST

      My dear Parents, Students and Teachers of Little Flower school, Churu

      It is my privilege to write a short message for the Website of Little Flower School. We live in a world of amazingly fast, instant and high-speed exchange of information and knowledge. And also we can make use of the technological advantages for the development of our school, staff and students. For students of Little Flower's too, past and present as well as the many well wishers of this great and noble institution...

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Principal's Message ยป

    • Sr.Philcy

      My dear Students,

      Every individual is a unique creation. God has shaped man in a special way and bestowed upon him many blessings according to the purpose and plan for his life...

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